Welcome to ViPs!

Collating, curating and developing virtual lab and field trip resources for palaeoenvironmental teaching


What is ViPs?

This project started in Spring 2020, by the palaeosciences community, when many of us within the university teaching sector adapted to online learning in response to Covid-19 closures. The ViPs project is created for the community, it intends to make it easier for educators, students, the curious to find existing resources, share expertise and support each other.

As a result, many within the teaching community have experienced a period of online instruction and the provision of materials, over the academic year 2020-21. Such virtual environments improve access to learning for educators, students and wider audiences, that will increase accessibility, enhance the classroom, field, lab classes into the near future and beyond.

The new blended working approach, combined with technology, can offer a flexible approach with different opportunities available within the learning environment. In this new era, student expectations are changing and the current period of time, gives us a good opportunity to address this. 


Jane Bunting ¦ Simon Hutchinson ¦ Des McDougall Nicki Whitehouse ¦ Kim Davies