ViPs first workshop: 27th May 2020

Our first workshop was on Wednesday 27th May, using Zoom. Attendees came in and out, as expected, but we had around 55 people attending at different points, and a high level of involvement maintained through the chat tool and in the breakout rooms. This webpage is not complete, but this is what we have so far!

The meeting opened with a series of talks:

There were then three short presentations on currently available resources, VR Glaciers (a virtual fieldtrip), CoPol (a pollen counting simulator) and Bonify (a virtual collection of specimens)

We then split into breakout rooms to discuss ways forward for the project. Groups were asked to talk about two things, how to organise working groups and what sorts of resources they thought were needed.

Groups came back together for a closing plenary in which we summarised some of the points raised and talked about the next stages of the project.

The next step in the project will be to organise the working groups so they can get to work. Click here to check out our description of the working groups and their remit, and sign up for one or more groups!

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