The ViPs spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is shared under creative commons terms. If you consider that any items in it need to be altered or should be removed, please contact us!

If your favourite resource is missing, you know of useful material we should look for, or you want to contribute material, please go to the contributions page.

In the release of 10th January 2022:

  • we added more resources identified by project members or found through internet searches by our 2021 Hull University funded project intern, Jennifer Barclay
  • we added a column indicating how the resource can be used by students (read/watch/interact)

In the release of 3rd November 2020:

  • We added more resources identified by project members

In the release of 16th September 2020:

  • We have checked all links carefully so that they (should) match the description
  • We have split video length out from other comments
  • We have added a geographic location information column
  • We have added a short intern review/student-perspective comments to every resource

In the release of 28th August 2020:

  • we are aware that there seem to be one or two cases where the description text doesn’t match the resource – this is being checked for the next release
  • We have noted that the “comments” column combines several different types of data, and will separate out video length from general comments
  • We are adding columns for geographical location (where relevant) and a short review from one of our 2020-graduate interns to add a student’s eye view of the material to the spreadsheet
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