Meet the Web Page Team

Dr Danni Pearce is a Quaternary geomorphologist, whose research focuses on understanding the extent and dynamics of present and former ice masses, in the Arctic and pan-North Atlantic. She is based at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and is in Working Group 4: Guest Lectures.

Dr Des McDougall is a Physical Geographer at the University of Worcester, with interests in glaciers, glaciation, mountain geomorphology and Quaternary environmental change. He enjoys teaching and has particular interests in learning technologies, fieldwork and virtual reality. He is a member of Working Group 2.5: Field and Lab Work.

Dr Simon Hutchinson is an Environmental Scientist, with research interests in the mineral magnetic and geochemical properties of peat and sediment, in a range of contexts, used to reconstruct environmental change and human impacts. His research areas include: North-West England, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and China. He is based at the University of Salford (Greater Manchester) and is in Working Group 2.

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