We hope to create a shared archive of virtual palaeoenvironmental teaching resources to support the teaching of environmental change science. 

The need for these resources has been greatly accelerated in the short-term in response to COVID19 but we hope to incorporate plans for longer-term creation of digital teaching resources leading to improvements in environmental change teaching, accessibility of teaching and outreach.

Overview of ViPs

Short-term Objectives:

  • Create a single, collated source of currently available shared ViPs materials (first share comes out 28th August – spreadsheet here)
  • Gap analysis – what materials are missing or poorly represented?
  • Reduce duplication of effort across the community and maximise student experience in 2020-21
  • Working Groups take on different parts of the task

Longer term objectives:

  • Create a useful and widely used resource for finding, creating and using materials for teaching and learning about the palaeosciences.
  • Create a community which can seek grant funding and institutional support to produce high quality materials over a longer term and study their use by students and academics.
  • Transfer curation to an established organisation (e.g. the QRA)

* Throughout the process we will ensure that intellectual property of creators is recognised and resources made widely and freely available via creative commons and related mechanisms

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